At Steelline, we firmly believe that an important element of being a responsible business is being committed to supporting causes that provide aid and upliftment to those who are in need. Being able to give something back to communities through various welfare organisations is a very rewarding experience for us and something we will be continuing into the future as we embrace the role we can play in exhibiting good corporate citizenship. To date we have supported a number of programs such as feeding schemes at schools, orphanages and old age homes. We have also offered assistance by providing equipment to school sports teams as well as donating funding to organisations involved with the blind, the aged and animal welfare.

We understand that our employees are our most valuable asset. We therefore place a huge emphasis on maintaining exceptional standards of health and safety to protect their welfare at all times. Investments have been made in all the necessary resources to ensure that we are able to provide the appropriate training, guidance and methods of working safely to optimize the protection and productivity of our workforce. All our policies and procedures in this regard are in strict accordance with the code of conduct that has been implemented by the safety standards board. We have tasked ourselves with the challenging goal of becoming the safest steel production company in the country and remain fully committed to our safety ambitions, which involve achieving and sustaining a 'zero-incident' record.