Steelline is a B-BBEE company with an excellent safety and quality record. The company has been successfully operating over the past twenty-one years. We do both small and large scale construction repair and alteration projects. We have fully trained and competent teams doing continuous structural and building work. 

Steelline  has designed and implemented our own Safety and Risk Assessment Document that is approved and utilized by all our clients over the last four years.  

We strive to deliver efficient, comprehensive and competitive service. All projects are overseen by Contract Managers with focus on safety plans and high quality workmanship. We deal honestly and professionally with all our clients.        

In a fiercely competitive business environment, Steelline continuously strives to redefine the steel manufacturing process and it's achieved improvements in production. Currently based in Phoenix Industrial Park in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Steelline's products include machine parts, truck and trailer components, exhaust and pipe flanges, steel numbers and letters, steel gate de'cor, computer panels and steel signage. Many are custom-made, complex products. Steelline is proud of the fact that we were one of the first companies in the steel sector to be 100 percent BEE compliant. Committed to the province, we are also members of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry.